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Welcome to the new Real Money Spinners

March 17, 2009

Welcome to a Real Money Spinners blog!


Hi, my name is Sean, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and this is a site of mine which details how i make money online and how anyone who wants to can do the same, instead of working at a boring, soul destroying 9 - 5 job which we could all happily do without...

There are no get rich quick schemes or gimmicks that will double or triple your money overnight, its just an account of how I, myself make money online on a day-to-day basis, from the comfort of wherever i want.

I'll show you step-by-step exactly how to copy what i do to make money online, there are no joining fees or anything nor do you have to submit your e-mail address, all the information and ideas supplied on this site are purely subjective and i give no guarantee that the way i do things will work for you or anyone else for that matter but you're more than welcome to use and share any of the ideas mentioned, the internet is a vast landscape and there will always be more space available than we can fill so go wild!


Basic Site Navigation


Home page, this is where you are right now, i'll post general updates on this page from time to time and you can get to all the other pages from here as well.


Top Money Spinners, this page is a summary of all the money making ideas I use and how well they really do on a monthly basis, this will include monthly stats and analytics for each idea, website or account, etc.


Websites and Blogs, this page is all about websites and blogs, building them, buying them, setting them up for free, different ideas, etc. Also setting up google webmaster tools so your site/blog appears in web searches, google analytics for precise analysis of your site/blogs performance, Adding adwords and affiliates' products to your site/blog to increase revenue and other ways of marketing your site.


Affiliate Programs, this page deals with becoming an affiliate marketer online. Sell other peoples products for a commission, its basically that simple, just register as an affiliate with various online shopping portals and display their items on your website or blog.


Advertise on your Site/Blog, this page deals with displaying adverts in the open space on your website or blog. Registering with Google AdSense or Bidvertiser as an ad publisher and set up your account and start displaying ads immediately.


Marketing your site/blog, this page shows how i market my sites or blogs. Traffic is vitally important to an online enterprise and specifically targeted marketing ensures that the most suited people are viewing your content.


My Step-by-step Process, here is show you exactly how i go about things in a simple step-by-step kind of way. its really easy to duplicate as you'll see and because we all have different tastes and style there really is a market for just about anything now-a-days.


Some Other ideas, this page covers all the other various ideas i've either tried or am still busy trying with limited or no success as yet. Surveys, Paid-to-click, responding to or creating e-mails, writing articles or stories, participating in forums or discussion groups, etc.


Future Ideas, this page displays some of the ideas i have for the future. I seem to be very good at coming up with ideas but only follow through on the few which suit my requirements, so if anyone else can use some of these ideas, great!


Contact Me, feel free to email me or visit my Facebook or MySpace pages for any queries, comments or suggestions at



New sites up this week!

March 9, 2009
Here are my new sites that are up this week... (online bookstore) (CDs Mp3s Videos DVDs Games Software and Accessories) (online resource for all outdoor recreational activities and sports) (your one stop lifestyle shop) (a sportsman's dream and a fan's nirvana)

Hope you enjoy

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Welcome to a Real Money Spinners Blog

March 5, 2009
Hey everyone!

Thanks for joining us, this is my first blog page ever so feel free to post comments and/or suggestions!

A couple of the sites i'm running at the moment...

If you visit any of the above sites please pop back in here to our blog with a quick review for me ;D
Hope you enjoy a Real Money Spinner...

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