As it turns out E-Bay doesn't seem to have an affiliates program as such, but be that as it may its still not too difficult to make money using E-Bay... What you would do is, scout E-Bay constantly (there or there abouts) and bid on items when they have only a few moments left till the auction closes, obviously bidding only on items that appear to be bargains, ie of value at a give-away price! Great so assuming you were the highest bidder, which you probably were because you checked in at the last moment and cast a single bid higher than the previous highest, you're now the proud owner of item X, you immediately register the item again to be sold and just ensure that you make the lowest amount what you paid. When that auction closes, hopefully earning you a hefty profit above what you paid, you complete the transaction and get delivery instructions, you then forward these delivery details to the person who has to deliver your purchase and hey presto, you cash-out without touching anything other than your computer!

By all accounts this sounds easy to do and it is, but this idea has been around as long as E-Bay has so expect plenty of competition!