Google is most probably going to be crowned as the Official Eight Wonder of the World and not lease because of Google AdSense! I really have nothing to say about Google in general but I especially love their take on advertising, bearing in mind that advertising is their personal bread and butter beacuse thats mostly the only thing they sell! However they go about it in such a positive way in the fact that they have very strict rules and regulations concerning what ads they will display and on what sites they are displayed. It is widely known that if you contravene any Google Rule or Regulation regarding advertising in just about any way, they will not hesitate for even a second to completely disable all your accounts and whipe the system clean of your mess.

This is why Google is probably the single most trusted source of information in the world today!

So, AdSense, you need to have a website or a blog that has valueable original content which users might actually search for at some stage. Assuming you have this part down, you register with AdSense and submit all of your details and your websites/blogs details for approval. Google will then go about checking out your info, making sure you're not a computer, etc, then they'll check out the site you plan to display their ads on. One must understand that Google will not allow their name to be tarnished for the sake of a few ads on some silly website/blog with which they have no affiliation whatsoever. You get where i'm going with this, so if your page contains adult content or hate speach or anything similar dont even bother, but if you have a generally acceptable site/blog Google will generally not object either, after all its just more revenue for them...

Out of all the advertising opportunities one is presented with (to some extent even on a companies own main pages) I would imagine you'll be able to guess which one i think is best... I would have a page containing just google ads if they would allow me to, but they control that pretty tightly too!