Every site or blog that you run should contain and display ads either by Google AdSense or Bidvertiser. The fact is most people use the internet for two things, e-mail and information, the other stuff is a bonus but mostly considered a nuisance. While people are busy viewing your site, reading your blog, checking out your EStores, why not have inobtrusive ads on the side of your page which actually pertain specifically to your content? If people actually clicked on your site because they thought it would be worth a look, then they'd certainly click on other similar such pages or ads.

Unless your website or blog is about the over-use of ads on the internet, for example, its my opinion that you should definitely display ads. people have become so used to seeing them now that its not a nuisance at all, its another informative link they might want to have a look at at some stage. I'm not saying that displaying ads is going to make you rich but it sure as anything cant hold you back!