Google's Webmasters Tools are, to me, one of the most important things to have for your website or blog. Although the name Webmaster sounds intimidating and very lanny it just refers to the publisher of a site, I, for instance, am the webmaster of this site because i edit it, update it etc. The reason its called this is basically to signify that you need to have access to be able to edit a site at html level because you need to enter a code for Google to be able to track and explore your site so they can add it to their index.

All you do is go to Google Webmasters, sign up and enter the details of the site you wish to list with Google. They will direct you from there but in a nutshell, you choose how you'd like to verify your sight (i normally choose to add a meta tag) then just copy and paste the webmaster's code into the space provided, if you use Synthasite to create your pages this is very simple and they explain everything in a quick tutorial. Then you submit your sitemap to google and wait.

This is the long part, indexing your site can take a while, this site was registered with Google and only indexed about 20 days or so later, but its definitely worth the wait, doing this ensures that your site will be visible in google searches whenever people search for the terms or words you've selected as keywords for your site or blog. Where exactly on the list it appears depends on your Google page ranking and how relevant it is to the searched terms, word or phrase.