The pilot site, is my best idea so far, helping other people figure out how to do this too! If I can earn a living showing people how to work for themselves instead of their beloved boss I'll be a happy man! The best sites and blogs, indeed the best products, the world will ever see will be borne out of passion and love for it. Dont get me wrong i'm not saying i'm going to be the next Mother Theresa, I dont like people quite that much, but i do feel that many many people would prefer to work for themselves instead of anyone else (myself included) and I seem to have a knack for explaining things so i came up with this... How well it works is yet to be seen.

The best ideas are going to be the ones you personally identify yourself, and even of the ones you identify yourself, most of them wont be worth much at the end of the day. The idea is to keep thinking, keep your mind open to new ideas, new ways of doing things etc, for example had we all thought of these things ten years ago we all might have done a fair bit better with the boom of the 90's. I'm forever thinking of new ideas and my family are so used to me coming up with some of the most fantastic business ideas the world has ever seen, predictably most have gone down in a ball of flames but the odd one here and there has worked, even if only limitedly. Realistically you only need one good idea anyway, look at google and facebook for example, none of those guys need anymore ideas! So for me, it seems worth it when just one idea can change your life forever, why not come up with as many ideas as possible, sooner or later you'll hit a winner. Its like shooting fish in a barrel, there are only so many times you can possibly miss!

For some more practical ideas, I've found that aShops work quite nicely, the idea lies mainly in exactly what you're going to be selling then just mould and shape your website or blog to suit it. Publishing a book you've written, poetry, your memoirs, your life story, whatever you can talk enough about to put on a few pages. Its a great way to get interested people to visit your site and ads provided are normally quite diverse giving you a better spread over what ads your visitors see, thus increasing your earning potential. Those are the only three types of sites i've set up so far but i will be adding to this as I try other avenues, also check out the Other Ideas and Future Ideaspages for more.