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Dating Service

March 20, 2009

People have been getting together since the dawn of time, and its so much easier now-a-days, with the flick of a mouse you can sift through thousands of potentials in no time at all, helping to find the one quicker. Not some people's cup of tea but some people make a better first impression online for example.


Online Casino

March 20, 2009

Personally i'm probably leaning more towards a specialist poker site. Players never actually play against the house and the dealer takes a small cut from every single hand dealt, even play money just to get everyone used to things.

I see huge earning potential for this type of idea but it has to be executed flawlessly and professionally to have a chance against the established big names in online poker and gambling.

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Welcome to future ideas

March 17, 2009

This page displays some of the ideas i have for the future. I seem to be very good at coming up with ideas but only follow through on the few which suit my requirements, so if anyone else can use some of these ideas, great!


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Welcome to New Ideas

March 5, 2009
Welcome to new ideas

A place to discuss all the new ideas popping in and out of our collective heads

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