Affiliate programs are wonderful initiatives! Companies like and E-Bay (not entirely sure about E-Bay yet, will confirm) have super affiliate programs, they already have the infrastructure and client base not to mention a great reputation for first class service and speedy delivery so why reinvent the wheel? Use there mechanism and systems to earn a good living selling there products and services to customers you attract to your site!

The variations of aShops as they are called at is limited only to what you can sell online and whats in stock, meaning just about everything from electronics, cars, garden and home equipment, cd's, dvd's, mp3s, the list just goes on and on... If you're particularly passionate about a specific product or industry, open up an Affiliate account and creat your own aShop. Its similar to owning an actual shop in a mall and the business principles remain the same as in any business, you need cash flow and to get cash flow you need traffic (either feet or visits to sites) and to get traffic you need marketing. Its really nothing especially difficult or higher level, just imagine how you'd go about opening a real shop, just without the physical hassle and dust, then figure out how you'd market that shop or product as you would normally.

I personally have opened a good few aShops (I call them EStores) so far and will be keeping you up to date on how they're all doing a bit lower down in the Stats and Analytics section.